How To Sell A Flooded House

How To Sell A Flooded House
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Has your house been recently damaged by water or a flood? It might be due to the heavy downpour, a recent storm or maybe even a tsunami. A broken pipe can also cause just as much damage, especially when it happens in your absence. Even if those circumstances were to happen, should a flooded home stop you from selling? The answer is no! No matter the damage done to your house, it can still be sold, even at a good price. This article will show you how to sell a flooded house and get it sold quickly.


Who Would Be Willing To Buy A Flooded Home?

In this drowning state, who would buy your flooded home? Selling it through a realtor would likely take forever. An individual may not have the time, patience or finance to renovate the house and bring it back to standard.


Individuals attach emotions when it comes to purchasing a new house. When a potential buyer finds mold in the house, he/she might lose interest and walk away from the purchase but a real estate investor does not. A real estate investor is ready to finance the renovation of the flooded house and make it safe and good for rent/sale.


How Does The Flood Effect The Homes Value?

When you make the decision to sell off your flooded home, you should be aware that the value of the house would have dropped due to the damage done by the flood. This invariably means that the price will definitely be reduced. The value of a damaged home can not remain exactly how it was before the damage. The equation used in determining the new price is subtracting the amount it would cost to repair the flooded home from what the house was worth before the flood. Does that mean you should sell your house at a ridiculously cheap amount? Not at all!

Small Renovations Will Increase The Value…

A flooded house owner might be looking to sell a house because of the money. There might be an urgent need for that money and you may already have another project that requires a lot of cash. If you have the time and patience, you can put in the work to increase the value of your flooded house. If you can renovate your flooded house, a real estate investor would have a little to no renovations in purchasing your property. That means you get more money for selling your house.


The small renovations you can carry out on your own includes removing all ruins from the house. Carry out an extensive cleaning of the house by sweeping or vacuuming both the interior and exterior of the building. Take all away all the debris and now the lawn properly. This will not only increase the already depreciated value of the flooded house, it’ll also make it more attractive. Investors do not really need the house to be attractive but who can resist a house that is appealing?


Selling Your Flooded House To An Investor

Selling your house to an investor will help you sell it faster, and an investor will be a good choice if your home is in foreclosure. A realtor who does not have an experience about selling damaged properties to investors might be a bad bet, therefore, leaving your house without a buyer for a long time.


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