Tips For First Time Home Sellers In Houston, Texas

  When a homeowner finally decides to list their home on the market, there’s often a period of confusion. Especially when it has to do with first time home sellers in Houston Texas, they have no idea where or how to start the home selling process. first time home sellers must understand what the home … Continued

Selling A Home To Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a scary word for most homeowners. It evokes images of losing your home, a terrible credit score, and a long road to recovery. While that may be a little over-dramatic, the reality is that foreclosure is incredibly painful. A single foreclosure can drop your credit score between 85 and 160 points [1]. That … Continued

Behind on your mortgage payments? we can takeover your payments

How To Avoid Foreclosure For Houston Homeowners

  How To Avoid Foreclosure – Or avoid being late on your mortgage payments: Are you facing a pending foreclosure?  How do you think you can avoid foreclosure?  Allow us to show you how you can avoid the inevitable plus ten years of headaches due to a foreclosure.  You may think it’s only the tenant … Continued